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Furnel01Furnel01 Member Posts: 21
Is a Radeon rx 480 better or a 560? And what's the difference between MSI, xfx, and sapphire?


  • Janis5Janis5 Member Posts: 4
    rx470 is half more powerful than rx460 even in games, but cost was moor than 200 euro, to me 500 series is only overclocked uses much more electricity and made by Samsung. Everywhere almost 70, 80 are sold out.
  • Furnel01Furnel01 Member Posts: 21
    I'm running to 560 xfx right now just didn't know if it be worth it to get a 480
  • tckw93tckw93 Member Posts: 17
    From what I gather throughout the internet from reading:

    480 hash rate could go from 25-30 MHz (27.5)
    560 hash rate go from 10-13 MHz (11.5)

    480 doing 2.4x better than 560

    480 at my place is 350 USD ++ (With no ready stock)
    560 at my place is 145 USD

    480 is also 2.4x more expensive than 560 over here.

    So IMO it's quite similar, but from what I was told, the power efficiency is better at RX 560.
    The only thing that's bothering me is that no one actually posted result for dual mining, which makes me hesitant to actually buy it. Still got some time to decide before other part of my rigs arrive from China.

    Different brands GPUs have 1-2 MHz difference among each other.
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