Looking for team members to join our project.

PosighdunPosighdun Member Posts: 2
We are currently a team of two working on a video sharing platform which work with the Ethereum blockchain. We are in the very early stages and need any help we can get. We especially need a developer well-versed in Solidity or a web developer, but that's not required at all. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about our project!


  • Fadyeilia1Fadyeilia1 Member Posts: 1
    Hello there,
    I am an IT professional, and i have been in IT for years. My main responsibility is customer relationships. I maintain relationships between IT world and the highest levels of customers. I will be extremely valuable for any company i work with; as i speak both languages technical and business.

    I have also been into Ethereum for over a year now, i am big on mining as well as trading. i would love to speak with you further regarding your project and a future partnership.
  • SieraHotelSieraHotel Member Posts: 1
    Great idea. I am here to look for people who want to collaborate on a template ether smart contract that can be used by any group of collaborators to throw their various talents and investment into the contract to complete the project. Then the project would be distributed by a video sharing platform like yours, hopefully acting as a paywall which pays the projects smart contract, which lets the owners of the project, receive their split of the profits. I believe it could revolutionize media and kick off a real boom for crowd-equity projects and a potential game changer for artists.

    I am a digital artist and apologize for my lack of coding skills, but I'm here to learn. Very good luck to your project.
  • cobey_williamsoncobey_williamson Member Posts: 3
    @SieraHotel - did this idea of a smart contract for profit distributions ever go anywhere? I'd love to know. Thanks!
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