Is it normal to reach 2150 mhz on an RX 470 4 GB?

michi1200michi1200 Member Posts: 3
Hi guys,

I know, this sounds like a very dumb question, but tbh I am starting worrying about my card. I got a SAPPHIRE Nitro+ RX 470 4 GB which I bought already used and just got today. The card came bricked, the owner probably flashed some bad shit on it but I restored it from a bios in the internet and it's working good now. The card has 4 GB Samsung memory. I just did some testing and I thought I'd fall out of my bed! I really reached 2150 mhz on the memory without tweaking any other settings. (I did not change timings, but maybe the timings were already made tighter in the bios which I downloaded). I get stable 29.8 mhash and haven't got any invalid share or error till now. Are there any risks running the card so high? Because my sapp nitro+ rx480 4gb just runs at 28.1 mhash maximum, tried everything already. I'm really surprised, I hope my card can handle this. xD I'm an absolute noob, so please don't hate me for a dumb question. :)


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