Asus strix R9 390 8g

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Hi evryone, i have Strix r9 390 8g used for mining 4 card STRIX, before 3 days Hasrate ±32.3 Mh/s , ring ETH hit +129.2Mh/s but now 128.8 Mh/s and sometime down to 122 Mh/s ~ 129.05 Mh/s, please onyone know why hasrate decreases like that. i have OC this card with Asus GPU Tweaks (Overclock No Voltage GPU Clock "+85" 1135Mhz, GPU Voltage "+0" 1250mV standar, Memory Clock 6000 Mhz, PowerTarget % +50 150, Fan speed 65%, Thanks for helping


  • discosaurdiscosaur Member Posts: 22
    which driver version do you use, if you don't mind me asking?
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    AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3.2, they said the overclocking kill the card with claymore long term ? it's true !!! I have overclock my 4 card with no touch voltage is a little overclocking :(
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    Try 15.12 drivers for pre-RX series cards
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    ************ hashrate randomly drops when using claymore miner **********
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    June 2016
    @hushabuba Right. For the added power I'd say it depends. You need additional voltage to push a card past certain parameters and remain stable, but there's a tradeoff in temps and potential long term card degradation which may affect your resale value. If you are building a large farm the heat really adds up and it may not be worth the extra temps as too much heat will impact performance with potential throttling. But yeah, work on tweaking and finding the ideal drivers and settings for everything. Many more experienced guys are even tweaking bios'es and I've seen where you can do minor overclocks while still even undervolting thus further reducing temps and power costs!

    I see this tell me OC with no voltage change is a risk
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    Is the new hashrate lower for each card the same, or is it lower on only one card? Check your individual hashrates.

    Double check to make sure your settings in afterburner are the same and are correct also. Sometimes I have to rebuild afterburner profiles because they get finicky when using multiple cards.

    If only one card is mining lower then maybe damage, but if everything is mining lower the same, then that seems like software/driver related.
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    yes all card the same
  • ThameurThameur Member Posts: 9
    is afterburner work with asus strix r9 390 8g ? i use gpu tweak 2
  • ThameurThameur Member Posts: 9
    the hell DAG is the problem of hashrate, Effective Hashrate Drop Every New DAG in ETC and ETH 1-2%
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