Exclusive Interview with Vitalik Buterin

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Hey guys!

Check out a fresh & exclusive interview with Vitalik Buterin made by BitPost — a media about and for the Bitcoin community.


What do you think about it?


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    edited February 2015
    Nice. I hope he does the Joe Rogan podcast.

    Edit: I just read it. This dude is so fucking brilliant, even if he is not correct.
    I never thought about it this way

    "If Bitcoin comes to downright dominate everything else, that would result in all of these random people having 200 million dollars worth while they didn’t really work for it. From a purely monetary viewpoint, that could easily be a substantial negative, because if someone ends up with 200 million dollars without really doing anything to earn it, that means that the rest of society is 200 million dollars poorer."

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