Running local test net with 2 nodes- Is it possible with the go-ethereum CLI?

drcodedrcode Member Posts: 62 ✭✭
Hi everyone, I need to test a multi-user dapp with at two users interacting with each other, using go-ethereum. Unfortunately it appears the testnet is hosed right now (RLPX changes causing error "P2P Version Mismatch: Require protocol 2, received 3")

If anyone can let me know if ONE of the following workarounds is possible I would be much obliged!

OPTION #1 Run a local test net with two go-ethereum CLI clients

Are there any commandline parameters in the go-ethereum CLI client that let me create a testnet, in the same manner as this description for the cpp-ethereum client? (

OPTION #2 Get around testnet errors somehow

My go-ethereum version number is v0.8.2, which I believe is the latest "develop" branch code. Is there a more up-to-date version somewhere yet that makes the testnet work again?

OPTION #3 Connect two browsers to a single node running a private blockchain

Is there any way to connect two different browser javascript instances to the same client via JSON-RPC, but with two different private keys? I need to be able to test two users with two different ether addresses interacting with each other.



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