Decentralized Music Production

mdeadymdeady IrelandMember Posts: 11
Could you call this decentralized music production? :)


  • minimal_mysticminimal_mystic earthMember Posts: 17
    seems more like a sampled music collab. i imagine a decentralized song would be much like this, except the contributors would be actively involved in the co-production (?) any thoughts...
  • caylorcaylor Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
    I had similar thoughts for ethereum and the best I could come up with was a consensus mechanism whereby users submit edits to a collaborative song and they either get voted into the song or not. Greater than X% approval would result in a permanent change to the song. Perhaps Ableton or other audio software could contain the ethereum client, allowing people to view and listen to edits. When an edit reaches the threshold vote amount, the song would change and the people who voted for the most popular change would receive some ether...

    Then again, I may be completely off track.
  • mdeadymdeady IrelandMember Posts: 11
    I intended the post in a half-joking kind of way. However your comments are interesting and got me thinking.

    minimal_mystic, yes I guess in that example all the people are not collaborating - it is just whoever made the video is simply taking samples. It's decentralized in the sense of the samples coming from completely different and dissociated sources, but centralized in the sense that 1 person put it together and chose what to put in (and centrally stored).

    caylor, that's an intriguing idea. So I think you're describing a DAO for music production. I don't know if it would work but if it did that would be great. Great for having on-record who made what contribution, and would provide a mechanism for dealing with disagreements. I guess successful contributors could receive ether too? Could the voting be done by anyone, or just those involved in making contributions? If the latter, then those involved could vote on who else would be involved?

    The different versions/edits of the track could be stored by way of decentralized online file storage, and encrypted. Would be cool if there was a way to prevent anyone not involved in the production from ripping off the track prior to it being finalized.

    It's hard to say how much of an advantage there would be. Perhaps the only way to produce good music is with artists in a room together spontaneously trying different things and having arguments...
  • simondlrsimondlr Member Posts: 4
    fwiw. I started a "decentralized band", called The Cypherfunks about a year ago, that has its own altcoin (FUNK). The idea/hypothesis was to test 1) Can a full altcoin be supported as niche money for such a band? 2) Is money just a function of a network effect (the "dogecoin hypothesis"), and 3) How would a creative process like this unfold?

    So, on the tin. It's a band anyone can join and make music for. So far, the currency part hasn't worked out so well, and my belief is that supporting a full blown altcoin is just not feasible. It's still running, but not with a high marketcap. ;).

    The band part has slowed down a bit. But we've had about 16+ musicians collaborate in different ways to create over a 100 songs. It's a power-law distribution. Most of the music was by Michael Dugger (soundposition) and myself.

    You can listen to the stuff here:

    I'm looking at Ethereum to potentially bridge the project from a full altcoin to this. With additional features for the token (potentially doing token-controlled access, access to voting or other things).
  • mdeadymdeady IrelandMember Posts: 11
    Sounds like it would be an interesting project. I understand Ethereum is for any kind of organisation, so why not. However way it turns out I think it would be interesting and useful for people to know how it progresses.
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