Etherium Wallet 0.8.10 (Mac)

testethertestether Member Posts: 2
Dear Forum,

I bought some ether (ETH) about a year ago, those finally went into the wallet. Since the bad mt.gox experience I thought, this time I could prevent loss by using my own wallet. However, when trying to sent some ETH to the wallet responds to my password with a "wrong password" reply. Here are the things I don't understand:

Why is my password no longer valid?
Could it be that 54 characters have been to much?
Have there been major changes related to allowed password length or character set since 0.8.6 (?)

What could I do to resolve this?

All the best



  • testethertestether Member Posts: 2
    28 View, and no answer? Something wrong with my request?
    I now found the initial release number: 0.8.4.

    I guess during that setup a password has been set, can't remember, although I have a password notice from that day.

    Any known password issues with that release? Should I reinstall the 0.8.4?
  • alanandradealanandrade Member Posts: 9
    This is most likely because you might have forgotten your password.

    What's the password "notice" you mention ? What is it ?
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