Revisiting GTX since AMD cards are non existent?

listmanlistman Member Posts: 51
Anyone trying the 1060s or 1070s again, any revised mining software getting better numbers yet? I'm hearing it could be months before we see any new rx series cards. I just ordered a 1060 6gb gonna see if I can push the crap out of it and get at least 24 mh/s, if I can im gonna go ahead and build 1 rig with them. Anyone have any pointers or ideas how to get the most out of these stupid cards. If the 1070s were just $50-$75 cheaper I think they would be worth it but these prices suck for what you get in hashrate compared to the rx series.


  • freakypunkerfreakypunker Member Posts: 8
    I had pre-ordered 4 rx570 on amazon uk but there is still no delivery date... So in the mean time I've ordered 2 gtx1060s and 2 gtx1070s. should get them next monday and will give them a try.
  • listmanlistman Member Posts: 51
    gtx 1060 6gb runs great at 22 and hashing doesnt go down when dual mining. I dont have my meter to see what the difference in power draw is but i feel like gtx runs better dual mining than my rx cards. so far no problems but most i got out of it before it started being unstable was about 22.7. Russian video says they get 25 out of it but I dont understand what they are saying so LOL
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