Week in Review

Here is what happened this week in JS land.


  • switched bignum library for browser. We are now using bn.js in the browser. This eliminates a custom wrapper that was written for `bigi` and is in perperation to remove bigi competently
  • fixed an encoding bug that affected leveldb. Hopefully we have taken care of all the leveldb issues
  • rewrote the scema definitions. This effects the modules `block`, `blockheader`, `account` and `transaction`. Of the modules should have an uniform API. Check the documentation for more info.


  • peer rating. Peers are now rated based on if you can connect to them or not.
  • peer storage. ethereumjs-p2p now handles storing peers.


  • created a test runner for the randomize tests


  • Ground work laid. More info coming soon :wink:


Jacob Payne

Also thanks to all who reported bugs. Keep up the good work!

If you would like to get involved in day to day devoplement please ping me at null_radix on irc on freenode or on skype or by email at [email protected]


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