USB3 PCI-E 1x to 16x Riser power question

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Hey guys, after reading through the long "The correct way of powering the risers for the 470/480" thread here, I decided I'll try to avoid using the adapters.

I'm thinking of going for the 6pin (VER006C), but wondering how to best provide the power? I'm using 2x Corsair AX860i's to power 6x GTX 1070's.

I want to make a 6pin (PERIPHERAL/SATA) to 6pin cable for the riser power. Would something like the below work?

Is it possible to daisy-chain as I've shown, or should I provide 6pin-6pin for each riser? I know to allow for 75W on each riser but that's about it..Not sure how to do the math to check if it's possible.

Another option would be to use the 6pin-4x molex that comes with the power supply, then use a molex to 6pin adapter. Is that what most people do? How many risers can you run off the 6pin - 4x molex?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers


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    You better go with 6pin to 3x molex adapter because 6pin has 3 12V lines while peripheral has only one.
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    I have 5 rigs running these power supplies. You have so many cables and hence the choice. With two ax860i you have 8 pci-e GPU power cables - so plenty of power for GPU's. You have six power sata cables so use one for each PCI riser PCB. You have 4 molex cables. one for linking the psus, one for you hard disk(with convertor). You then have 2 spare molex cables for a 7th card. You might just need some molex to sata cables.
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    Thanks a lot for your responses.

    Zorg - I'm assuming you mean 6pin PCIE to Molex? Is it possible to use a supplied 6pin peripheral cable in a PCIE port?

    lablett - I've purchased the VER006C risers which have the 6pin power connector. Are you saying to use the supplied AX860i sata and molex peripheral cables (1 per riser), to the molex/sata to 6pin adapters? I'm missing a lot of cables from 1 of the power supplies so hopefully I can find enough to make it work.

    Is using the adapters only really an issue with AMD cards drawing too much through the slot? Any idea if there has been heating/melting issues with nVidia cards?

    Thanks again for your help.
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    Do you plug in the 8 pin power supply in the GPU and an additional power cable in the riser?
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