Increased talk from core devs of Metropolis hardfork, i.e meaning Casper PoS

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There's been a bit of an uptick in talk of a Metropolis hardfork coming soon.

Core devs are working on hard-fork code now and Joseph Lubin also mentioned in his keynote speech that it's just around the corner at the Consensus conference.

I've personally not been keeping up with developments for some time but know there's a whole new generation of forum members keen on mining that might not understand what this means. So if anyone here is more knowledgeable about the current plans please say so as I dare say my knowledge is obsolete. Also I've been out of mining for a long time now so have not kept up with development here much.

What's been previously said by Vitalik is that Metropolis will be something of a proving ground for Casper PoS. During this period, transactions would be validated by Casper while Ethash PoW would be kept simply for block timing. Depending upon the timing of the following Serenity HF, the Ice-age should be ramping up the difficulty until mining is less profitable that Staking.

I don't know the current state of Ice-age but can only imagine that it will be retained.

The question that needs to be answered is if the block rewards will be adjusted. Vlad Zamfir is publicly very nervous about miner backlash if block fees are cut and therefore feels that there might be too much internal attack power with the miners. He has been pushing for drastically lower rewards however Vitalik does not seem to share his concerns.

Anyway, just thought I'd bring it up here for folk to discuss. Been a long time between posts.



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    It's my understanding (from what I've read here and there) that even when PoS comes, the majority of the validations will be through PoW, with PoS only gradually taking over. So PoS destroying mining sholud not be an immediate threat.
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