Ethereum mixing service?

All, wanted some feedback from the ethereum community. I see there's only one ethereum mixer service:, and it seems questionable, and emails to them bounce. Is there a need for mixing/tumbling ethereum? What is the community consensus? Of course, for completely legitimate reasons. Example: ethereum becomes the defacto standard for paying people in the near future, and you send someone some ether, but you don't want them to see how much ether you've got (how rich or poor you are), and hence be able to discriminate against you. You also don't want them to see what other stuff you've bought. A bit new to Ethereum so I'm not even sure if there's something like this already built in that I'm missing (or coming soon such as zk-SNARKs)? Or, perhaps, people will simply just "shape shift" (go from ethereum -> alternate coin -> ethereum)? But that seems so cumbersome, why even bother with other cryptocoins and their potential volatility if you can just do it all on ethereum? I'm surprised that there aren't any mixing/tumbling services already. I do see a decentralized solution that exist already, but doesn't seem like anyone is using it, and plus you need others to jump in in order to tumble. TL;DR: I'm a developer and interested in making a centralized tumbling service, just exploring the idea and seeing if it's worth it.


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