power consumption too high

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I have 2 rigs, both working stable 27mhs:
1st is I ordered from net and have consumption 900w from wall.

6x Gigabyte RX 470 GPU OC
Celeron G1840 Processor
Biostar TB85
DDR3 8GB Memory
Team 120GB SSD Harddisk
EVGA 1000w power supply

2nd I built myself and have so far 1300w from wall after -70 undervolting in MSI afterburner, 1100core/1950memory:
5x Strix RX 470 GPU OC - I will add 6th when power consumption will be much lower
Celeron G1840 Processor
Asrock H81 Pro BTC rev.2
DDR3 8GB Memory HyperX
Kingston 120GB SSD Harddisk
EVGA 1000w power supply

question 1: how it's possible that 100w PSU draw 1300wats from wall, (it was already 1400 when not udervolted) 250w when booted to windows 10
question 2: how can I drastically reduce power consumption, when similar rigs draws around 800 on youtube ???
question 3: can I also modify something in motherboard bios, CPU, RAM to reduce consumption?

Thank you!


  • nhidognhidog Member Posts: 67
    Use negative voltage offset. GPU vcore is how you drastically reduce wattage.
  • SiddiusSiddius Member Posts: 14
    edited June 2017
    Q1: 1000W PSU only says it can provide 1000W, but runing at an efficiency of lets say 80%, 20% ist powerloss to heat. So (1000/80)*100 = 1250 Watt from wall.
    And most PSU with >1000W can provide more than they are desigend for. Cause you cant build them to explode at exactly draining 1kw ;)
    Q2: Undervolt your GPU
    Q3: not really, but you can try to undervolt it. but CPU,MB,RAM schould only drain something like 30-70W

    There are several post how to undervolt etc, just search ;)
  • sekinosekino Member Posts: 12
    you mean undervolt vCore in MSI afterburner, or any other tool? I'm already -70 undervolting in MSI afterburner and I'm on 1300Watts from +1400Watts, i don't think additional -30 will get me under 1000Watts?! or?

    Also I'm not sure if extra power 2x 4pin connectors to motherboard should be connected from PERIF1 from PSU. I've got them connected and also powered risers from SATA. Maybe that's why it's drawing so much power, but I'm afraid to disconnect them :(

    PSU is EVGA 1000W G1, max what I was seeing was drawing 1450W from wall, so good news for everyone :hushed:
  • nhidognhidog Member Posts: 67
    I believe there is a limit on MSI afterburner of -100w. If you use WattTool, you can get pass the limit by using negative voltage offset. Pictures shows an rx 480 pulling 76w with vcore of 0.875. WattTool I set it to 1000 on all phases and then use negative offset.
    I do this because I start the miner with 0 offset as it needs more voltage on initial DAG,
    then after it has started hashing stably, I change offset to drop the power. I find this is more stable. But requires you to reset it back to 0 before exiting miner as exiting miner also produces a surge in voltage requirements.

    My rx 470 are only pulling 60w, yours should be around that area.

  • ecs87ecs87 Dekalb, ILMember Posts: 339 ✭✭✭
    Keep in mind that's 60w at the core. Figure 2x as much at the wall.

    Also, jesus christ, those memory errors are out of control on the card with 1980mhz on the memory clock...You've gotta be generating a ridiculous amount of incorrect shares per day right? Might want to take a look at those memory timing straps (or use looser ones).
  • nhidognhidog Member Posts: 67
    Oh yeah I just added that card this morning, still tuning it. Its actually same card as the other rx 470, all red devils except I pulled it apart, stuck some thermal pads on memory and repaste to see if it can run better as the other two were disappointing... 1100/1835 and 1100/1900. Seems to be doing better, probably will settle at 1100/1975 then redo the others.

    But no, no incorrect shares.
  • sekinosekino Member Posts: 12
    Hello again, just to let everyone know, I was desperate to lower my power consumption for a week, tried everything, extreme underclocking but nothing helps, the lowest I got was 1280w, so I decide to take a break, disconnected my rig from power for half hour.
    then I started it again and it works like a charm, drawing 820wat without memory underclocking at 28mhs+ :)

    so if someone will ever have extreme power consumption, disconnect everything from PSU for some time and reconnect, it worked for me :)

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