Asus rx580 4gb dual

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I just bought 6 Asus rx580 4gb dual and @stock settings 1 card give me 21.5MH/s.
I have flashed the bios maybe with 20 different timing settings, and maybe the best is when i just copied the 1500 timings all the way up to 2000 ( with som tweaking with "trixx" i got 27.7MH/s [1130/1950 -100mV]) but the computer locks itself, sometimes after just 2 min or maybe 2 hours.
90% of the tests on internet about mining is with 8gb cards, so im having problems with finding the problem with my cards.
But im guessing im not alone.

I do have a rig that runs on XFX rx480 4gb with 28.8MH/s stable on each card, so i really dont know whats wrong with my "new" rig.

Probably the shitty new 580, but there has to be a solution i guess.



  • nhidognhidog Member Posts: 67
    it locks up because it being overclocked/undevolted too much ending up in memory errors. Download HWInfo and start tuning. You cant just set every card to whatever and expect it to behave the same.
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