Building x6 GPU's Sapphire RX 570 rig

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Hello guys.
I'm still newbie here but from 2 months, I collect a lot of information and I'm ready to build my first rig. Till now I was Forex trader also trading with Ethereum and BTC but decide to get into the mining business (hope I get the right deicsion because I saw some information about PoS of ETH hoping I'm not late with the rig). So, I already order the parts for my new rig and they're coming soon. I need your professional opinion especially for the GPU's because I'm still newbie.


- 6x SAPPHIRE PULSE 570/ 4GB DDR5 - (this is the only GPU's I found at the moment)
- 2x 700W Fortron Hyper
- Motherboard Asus Prime H270 Plus
- Intel Celeron G1840
- RAM 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz
- 128GB SSD A-Data

I hope I can reach ~175MH/s ETH mining with this rig and around 1000W energy consume. Currently the price here is around 0.10$ per kW/h. So, hoping to get 5-6months of ROI. What do you think, guys?
Thank you in advance.


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    175 / 6 = 29.1mhs on rx 570. Not impossible but for someone new, highly improbable. Maybe aim toward something more reasonable for new like 27mhs
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    Yeah seems good, I am currently building a x6 RX 570 rig as well.
    Let me know how it goes. What OS are you planning to use?

    And I actually hope to reach 26.8 MH/s with my 570s, don't overclock/bios mod too much...
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    Thank you for the respond.
    Well, even 163-5Mh/s will be fine for me, till I get the right config. If it works properly, I'm thinking to invest in 12 or 18 GPU's more.

    I'm planning to use windows because I'm very weak with others.
    What do you think about the energy consume and the current ROI?
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    @nikoz I think the energy consume is accurate.
    About the ROI, it depends on how much you spent. You can use the cryptocompare website to simulate it.
    But as long as you are patient, but passionate and want to support the ethereum project, the ROI will eventually come :)
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    Try 1 first, it seems everyone is jumping on mining cause of easy money... what they fail to realize it the amount of work and knowledge you actually need for it. I have a real job that pays ~1eth/hr, can program multiple languages and been building computer since I was 12.

    After getting all the hardware, took me a few days to get to point of stability. So before you dive in with 12-18 gpu try 1 rig with 6 and see how difficult it really is.
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    I agree with you. There is no easy way for sure even if I didn't realize it now for this business.
    I will follow your advise. I'm glad everyone is helping here with his knowledge.
    Is this the best calculator because I'm wondering if these are the right ROI's. Which calculator is better? What do you think?
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    I don't know, anyways it's always better to look how it is in real life, there are so many factors, the ETH price can vary as well.

    But I think you are too focused on the ROI. Mining is supporting a life-changing project, not just an investment
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    nikoz said:

    Is this the best calculator because I'm wondering if these are the right ROI's. Which calculator is better? What do you think?

    This will give you an idea with increasing diff. Make sure it is not set too high. The other calculators show huge money because they don't take into consideration the difficulty factor. IMO, this is the best one I ve found yet.

  • nikoznikoz Member Posts: 8
    Thhank you very much.
    Guys, what about the PoS for ETH? What do you think about it.. will it stop the mining if they launch it?
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    is 570 better than 580 8gb ?
  • orinityorinity SingaporeMember Posts: 84
    You are using 2 PSUs instead of just 1?
  • nikoznikoz Member Posts: 8
    I'm not sure, but these are the only I found now. All the distributors and resellers are out of stock and the deliveries are not in the schuedule. I hire a guy to help me with the configurations because he told me that he can make the GPU's on 173 MH/s.
    Yes because one is not enough. :)
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