New to mining, need some opinions

WarooWaroo Member Posts: 6

Hello Everyone

Im new to mining, been mining on my laptop but its quite slow. I have a few ideas and would like opinions

1) I currently have a i7 3770 with a crappy dell MoBo and a 750Ti, I tried to mine with it but i got an error, something like "Cuda error - the allocated DAG is too big" tried to look it up and found it was the gpu being underpowered. now the question, im thinking of buying a RX 480 or RX 580, but im not sure if my current PSU will be able to handle it, right now i have a corsair cx 430 I belive (Cant Check atm)

2) Assuming I buy a new GPU, should I also buy a new PSU that handles 2-3 cards for future proofing? this rig will only mine for like 12 hours a day, and 24h during weekends, I dont have to pay electricity bill cause its my work rig.

3) 4GB or 8Gb what has better value in the long run?

4) How important are the other components? MoBo, Ram, hdd/ssd, internet conection?

Thanks in Advance


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