Should I look for a new pool?

BigBird1400BigBird1400 Member Posts: 10
I just started mining with nanopool, using ( as I am on the east coast. I am using a single msi RX 580 OC 8GB I will increase the amount of GPU's and spread out among different currencies. But my main question is how quickly should I be finding shares. Currently I have found 3 shares in 15 minutes. I am getting 24.7 MH/s. I will work on modding the BIOS to increase my hash rate shortly. Is this normal? Or should I be looking into another Ether pool?
Thanks in advance.


  • AlphaLMAlphaLM Member Posts: 11
    Yes, it is normal. 3 shares in 15 minutes is adequate but the amount of the share will be very low due to your hashing power being low as well. Most people nowadays are running 7 GPU systems over 200+mh/s. They would probably see the same shares but just paid out larger than you because of the processing power they have put forth vs yours.
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