[HIRING] Build my organization's DAO - $x,xxx

McChickenMcChicken Member Posts: 18
Nonprofit organization seeking to put our organization's governance onto a blockchain. Please PM with offer.


  • GeorgeHallamGeorgeHallam Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 229 admin
    Sounds very interesting. Want to explain a little more? Any web links?
  • McChickenMcChicken Member Posts: 18
    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your initial interest. If you sent me a PM, I have now responded with details about the project. I am still soliciting proposals.

    Here are my basic organizational requirements:

    This is a grant-proposal DAO. Anyone can submit a grant proposal, only the Board can approve it.

    Two types of members – (1) Members, (2) Board Members.

    (1) Members
    a. Anyone can become a member;
    b. Members can submit plain-text grant proposals to the Board.

    (2) Board Members
    a. The Board can submit and vote on various motions, including:
    i. Approve/deny member-submitted grant proposals;
    ii. Increase/reduce Board membership;
    iii. Approve/deny administrative motions.

    If you think you can build this organization with a basic front end, let's get in contact.
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