Help Diagnose My Crash

ShnikesShnikes Member Posts: 22
Was showing my miner off to my dad last night and bumped the rig. Upon bumping, the pc froze and had to be forcibly shut down. Upon reboot, I'm facing a black screen from any video connected to any of my gpus. I can remote-in using teamviewer and see that windows boots with onboard graphics and runs normally, albeit a bit sluggish. Further when I go into device manager it correctly detects and identifies all of my gpus. If I launch my miner, it immediately crashes.

First I tried switching hdmi cable around to multiple gpus on my risers – same issue. Then disconnected all of my risers and plugged in one of my gpus straight into the main pcie – same issue.

I’m hoping it’s a loose power cable or something? When I get home I plan on disconnected all power and trying to get one card booting up normally. May even pull the gpu off my main rig and see if it get past this black screen issue.

MSI z170A Gaming M5
I-3 6100
4x rx 470 PC Red Devil

I had been running cool and perfectly smooth for about a week.
Thoughts? Prayers? Suggestions?


  • ShnikesShnikes Member Posts: 22
    Welp, got everything plugged back in and somewhat running. I'm now having issues with Claymore. Never had any in the past.

    It appears I can't hold a connection to either the servers or the stratum? It will bounce around servers looking for a stable connection but constantly drop. The gpu's run and my hash rate is about what I would expect.

    Types of error seen
    ETH: Connection lost, retry in 20 sec...
    Cannot resolve
    ETH: Statum - Cannot connect to
    ETH : Stratum - Failed to conneecet, rety in 20 sec...

    Recieved Error :{"jsonrpc" : "2.0", "id" :4, "error" : {"code" ; -32700, "message" : "Worknotfound"}}

    The last one feels odd?> Any thoughts?
  • ShnikesShnikes Member Posts: 22
    Updated claymore getting an additional comment now:

    Socket was closed remotely (by pool)
    ETH: Connection lost, retry in 20 sec...
  • Zek247Zek247 Las vegas NVMember Posts: 28
    Had the same error, changed cables and cards but also changing from 2.4 wifi to 5gz seems to have fixed it, weird hope it helps
  • ShnikesShnikes Member Posts: 22
    Also changed cables and risers. Then changed wifi adapter and fixed it. Like you, weird...

    Never had any sort of connection problem in any other application...
  • poison15ivypoison15ivy Member Posts: 9
    I had first time this error and just after moving to win 10 ...
    ETH: Received error: {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":4,"error":{"code":-32700,"message":"Worknotfound"}}

  • anyWONDERanyWONDER Member Posts: 9
    I didn't find such kind of error before. Sorry, I can provide solution of this problem.
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