Where to buy 5000€ Bitcoin with credit card in Germany? - Please help.

DinnerBayDinnerBay Member Posts: 2
Hello Community,

I am completeley new to this and the pages CEX and Coinbase keep giving me headaches because of ID verification and low limits ony my credit cards. Furthermore they don't accept a standard Mastercard from a German bank account..
It's a very strict process on these pages and I don't have a not-internet utility bill from my providers, since they are all internet based. I have a credit card though and I also have a valid German ID card which is mine and so on. I live under the addresse, the card points to etc. It's not me being fraudulent, it's just me WANNA BUY BITCOIN WTF :DD

So my question: Where can I buy Bitcoin without an identification process which is impossible to go through.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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