Is it possible to combine R7 370s and RX 470s in the same rig? (Win10 or ethOS)

sot173sot173 Member Posts: 10
Hi all,

I have recently added 2x RX 470s to an existing 3x 370s rig and I'm having all kinds of problems in Win10 (either black screen while installing drivers or BSODs later on after the drivers are installed in random times mentioning amdkmdag.sys)

The rig worked fine for more than 48 hours then the BSODs came and now it's not possible to even have the computer running without mining for more than 20 minutes.

A format and OS re-installation didn't help either.

Checked risers, PSU, putting each and every card on another motherboard, all is fine and I'm getting desperate so the question is:

Anyone is aware of some known problems with R7 370s and RXs combined in a mining rig under Windows or ethOS or have any hints on what can possibly be going wrong in such a setup?

Thanks in advance.


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