seek a team for decentralized multi-tasking plaform.

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I've been developing a concept of decentralize working platform for a few years. The motivation was to seek an optimal solution for enabling multinational micro-startups, the area that I've been involved since 2010. The impact could be huge - it could change the paradigm of how people working - to facilitate a person can work for multiple project without the constraint of time, space.

Recently, I found that the architecture that I've been build is perfectly synchronized with what Ethereum is aiming for. Mine is a super-structure can be scalable from a school project to perpetual multinational company. I'm confident that my architecture can be easily built on Ethereum, since it has same philosophy of decentralized object based on contract (I just used different term, "protocol")

Since I'm not software engineer nor programmer, I'm looking for bright people to share with my vision and to build it on the top of Ethereum platform. Even though I'm not a S/W engineer, I've served CTO of mobile software company its IP recently sold to one of biggest IP company. Here is my Linkedin profile:

Look forward to hear from the brightest with mind of rebel!


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