Wallet mystery

thaelinthaelin Member Posts: 6
I have now a miner churning away and has even made a payout to me. Not sure where the payout went as I still have not set up a wallet. Mist didn't work. Geth seems to just start cpu mining and ignores my console command. As I am now in the mix to step up to a 7 gpu miner, I really do need to resolve this wallet issue.
I will admit to being quite dumb of these things as I am very new. Any help would be very much appreciated. Is there a way to set up just a simple wallet and bypass all the d/l stuff? I did see mention of an option to create one with an exchange like polonixe(?) and have payout go directly there, yess no?


  • thaelinthaelin Member Posts: 6
    Guess I have hit a dead end here. Been fun but no way out. Other places and other things. Taking the rig down so what was paid will just sit there I guess and draw dust.
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