UK and France May Attempt to ban encryption Good or bad for the value of the blockchain technology?

The king of the Insurance asset Gold is Up
Dr Copper and Professor Oil the "reference" barometer for International Demand and industrial production, Down, down an down
QE 4 is coming soon ( thx to Mario Dragui ! )
Gvt to give hard time on people privacy

Do you thing these events can have an impact on future Blockchain development ?


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    Michael_A said:

    Do you thing these events can have an impact on future Blockchain development ?

    The more the current system fails to meet the expectations of those who are currently invested in it, the more they will be looking to invest in an alternative. If there were to be another worldwide recession (Which IMO is looking quite likely) then I think crypto development would increase an order of magnitude faster than if there was not.

    In regard to the UK banning encryption, that is not actually what has been said - David Cameron would ban "encrypted messaging apps" (not encryption in general) only if there was a majority Conservative government after the next election. This almost certainly wont happen thankfully.

    Still, it is very worrying that he would even envisage such thing. Luckily for us the crypto-cat is out of the bag and in practice banning encrypted messages would be close to impossible.
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    *Whacks head on desk* This is even stupider than the multitude of attempts to try to plug the "analog hole", which is actually the result of a fundamental property of information- Whatever can be read, can be copied.

    He's basically trying to ban a series of operations than can be stuck together by any halfway decent programmer with wikipedia access in a week. All an encryption ban will do is push underground communications deeper underground, and further out of sight.
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    Yes it impossible and dangerous, in order for the gvt to de-crypted messaging application they will have to implemented lot of back-door, which would undermine security and make more easy to hack by creative hacker ;)

    Let see what happen but I have the feeling this year could be the year for the blockchain technology :)
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