Msi RX gaming 480 4gb or Saphire nitro+ OC 8GB? To be or not to be that is the question.

dueiddueid Member Posts: 33
I have been doing some research, but seems quite close the performance of this two, also the silent fan on the MSI is a bonus.

The rumours that a few of the MSI 4GB have been flashed from 8GB to work as 4GB from MSI might help to overclock higher as MSI due to reduced production of 4GB and shipping 8GB models as 4GB models.

which is the best GPU for mining in your experience and performance so far.

I have 7 Msi in stock that I've order but i might return and get the nitro but still a bit unsure as result are not that high from one to another even the fact of one having 8GB memory and the other 4GB.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

To be or not to be that is the question.

Many thanks


  • discosaurdiscosaur Member Posts: 22
    Older post but thought I would comment. I have both of these cards and mine with them. The MSI fans are going to be on while mining, but it is very quiet. Except I get a tiny bit of coil whine. MSI has hynix RAM, I am pushing 22-23 Mh/s at 100 watts (just the card) with stock bios and a few Afterburner tweaks. The Nitro+ gets nearly 26 Mh/s at 90 watts (just the card) with stock bios and afterburner tweaks. As you can see the brand of RAM makes a huge difference. I also have a couple of Asus Strix 480 8G, and they do the same hashrate as the Nitro on even less wattage. I think the Strix are better cards personally, but you cant go wrong with the Nitro. It gets tons of coverage here.
  • dueiddueid Member Posts: 33
    I have been paying attention special the type of brand memory you get with them. I heard a lot of good stuff with stix and asus is doing quite well in modded version opposed to nitro. Thanks for sharing. Building my second rig with 580 now. Opted for rx 580 but still browing in terms of performance between brands. Another 7 rig :)
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