RX 400 series: MSI Armor / Asus Strix / Gigabyte G1

bibsbibs Member Posts: 24
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I'm curious about the general opinion on these 3 implementations. Which one do you prefer and why?


  • blockreefblockreef Member Posts: 22
    Not the Gigabyte as it does not have great cooling. For MSI, try and go for the GAMING X, touted as one of the best. Asus seems hit-and-miss with the brand of memory, Samsung/Hynix memory not as common, I am led to believe.

    1. MSI
    2. Asus
    3. Gigabyte
  • bibsbibs Member Posts: 24
    Yes, the Gaming X gets a lot of praise but it's also 50% more expensive than the Asus, for example. At least where I live.
  • orinityorinity SingaporeMember Posts: 84
    Gigabyte seems to be using Samsung or Hynix for their RX470 G1 Gaming. 1 of my current Gigabyte G1 Gaming is using Hynix, will be checking on the other one to confirm.
  • Wolf0Wolf0 Member Posts: 329 ✭✭✭
    MSI Armor, Gigabyte G1, then ASUS Strix (if you mean 470, the 480 I like.)

    Mainly because of VRM controller choice. I like the choice on MSI Armor, I don't have any Gigabyte G1's, but it's probably not worse than the ASUS Strix 470 >.>
  • orinityorinity SingaporeMember Posts: 84
    MSI Armor and ASUS Strix are both more expensive for my region by 10+% and that is not even factoring the rebate I can get. The Hynix memory in G1 Gaming is turning out to be a shocker.
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