Write a PowerBall Lotto contract - offering 20 XCP

I'm offering 20 XCP for this. If anyone else wants to contribute just make a note, here on on the thread in bitcointalk.

I will create an issue in github (when i figure out what repo to use for this) and then use bountysource.com to donate the BTC equivalent of 20 XCP which then get converted to USD (I know... but it is the best we have at this moment).


if you have any questions please let me know, there is some leeway in how the awards get done since obviously there won't be fixed USD awards, etc.

I also am interested in a version of the Chinese Welfare Lottery, however it is a bit more complicated. http://www.lotto.cn/china-welfare-lottery.asp

My goal would be to then figure out how to trial this out using the XCP port, and of course release it on Ethereum when the network goes live.

I think that it would be a very cool thing for small time Etehreum miners to use to potentially increase their holdings and have a little fun, or give out tickets as presents to friends.


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