Mining rig noise/heat

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Hello everyone,

I'm about to start mining with 4x rx480 soon and I want to know, is the noise level produced by mining rig too bad? Any chance that I keep it in my bedroom while I sleep?
Also, is the heat given off by cards too f'ed up to withstand during summer without AC? Could regular portable room fans help me with heat issue during summer?

Should I move out of nice apartment with 2 rooms where I have a total silence while sleeping and an AC to cool me and equipment down (I live in one of the Europe's hottest cities) to a single room with no AC so I can buy some ether or save up for another mining rig?

Thank you for reading (and responding).


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    I have one XFX RX480 and at max fan speed it's really annoying. I cant' even play because of it.
    So I would say 4 of them + the CPU cooler is definitely not advisable in the room that you spend most of your time. Sleeping would be out of the question for me. Even if you manage to fall asleep, imagine waking up in the middle of the night and trying to go back to sleep with the rig 2 meters away from you.. no way.
    I'm gonna keep mine on the balcony - it's pretty isolated. Yes - with summer coming, the heat will be a problem but a big cheap fan blowing on it I think it will survive. HTH
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    Be careful with that, the air which fans will blow onto your cards will have outside air temperature, and make sure you protect it from water. Hey, you have XFX 480, is it 8GB RS version maybe? I need bios for it lol.
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    Coolest card with Lowers Noise is MSI Gaming 480
    fan is always on 80 noiseless temp 55 ~59 on 27 C room temp
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