Choosing parts for my first rig, need some advice

bibsbibs Member Posts: 24
Don't know a great deal about mining but I'll try to learn as I go
First off, all the recommended MB's are unavailable, I've found this Asrock FM2+ MB that can only take 5 GPUs.
Although this is a mining MB,here is little to no info about it used in mining so I don't know if this is such a great idea.
Also, will a good 850W Corsair/EVGA Gold PSU be enough for 5x RX480 4GB setup?


  • memichmemich Member Posts: 9
    I think mobo is ok, it has 5 slots for gpu's, and just buy a better PSU, at least 1000w is recommended for 5x RX480. Don't save money on something that is supposed to power your components 24/7 for months.
  • bibsbibs Member Posts: 24
    @memich I also think it's OK, but I have read that there are mobos/chipsets that are not suitable for mining (not stable, issues detecting/powering multiple GPUs).
    Since virtually everyone here is using Intel mobos, I thought there may be a reason other than the 5 GPU limit :)
    With the PSU you are right I think. I've seen 6 GPU rigs powered by a 1000W PSU, and I thought that maybe I could get away with a cheaper one for my rig.

  • memichmemich Member Posts: 9
    Yeah it's better to buy a mobo which is proven to work. Check the manufacturers website and mobo manuals for any possible PCI conflicts - some mobos turn off PCI x1 when you put two cards into X16 slots, due to insufficient bandwidth available. (I almost bought Z97-HD3 and saw that it turns PCI's off)

    And buy a good PSU, it's really important not to save money on that. EVGA and Corsair are a good choice, but make sure it has a plenty of wattage. Yeah, 1000W PSU can run 6 cards, but those PSU's are working nearly under 100% load and that's not really good I think (less stability, less energy efficiency and possibly shorter lifetime). Also, what if we can't mine ethereum anymore and we can't downvolt our cards and they have to use their full TDP to mine a new coin?

  • yodiyodi Member Posts: 265 ✭✭
    for me the best is 7x gpu mobo or pci-e extender if only 6x pci-e to get 7 gpu

    - platinium psu (min 1200w)
    -rx470 4gb are the best (hash/watt and cost)... (msi are less noisy , stable, and msi best quality)

    for my 1st mining rig , i read and listen everyone said rx480 8gb sapphire were the best , but my 2nd rig i decide to test msi rx470 4gb gaming , and i prefer them now , regret dont get only those ones , lower watts (good for 7 xgpu / 1200w), close hashrate , msi are more silent and thin
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