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i just bought this card and wanted to edit the BIOS for it to change the memory timings and Polaris bios editor warned me that the bios is less than the standard size of 512kb.
Is it still safe to flash this card using such a ROM.
You can take a look at the BIOS yourself if you wan to


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    It's fine. I LOVE those cards.
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    Yeah tried it myself it worked
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    Thanks! Can you please also provide cor & mem settings?
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    don't know if its worth sharing because i am only getting around 26.7 MH/s . I will have to tweak the bios further to reach my goal of 30 MH/s
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    I get 27.8 MH/s on ethos...
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    hi could someone please help me i have 6 asus radeon Strix RX480 8Gb OC cards and i need a custom bios for them
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    I have been unable to get more performance out of my ASUS ROG STRIX RX 480 still at 26,8, if anyone has any ideas how to get more performance please leave a comment
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    I'm just about to buy this card @ $248 (including taxes) is that a good deal for this card or should I be looking for other variations of the 480 8gb?
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    @skynet which bios do you use? I run 6 of these cards and I'm still at the stock rate of around 24. Do you know what your power consumption is with that modified bios? Have you undervolted?
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    Depend on your memory brand you can easily change your timings for optimal power and consumption.

    for eq. Copy 1750 to 2000 if you have samsung memo. for others you can start from 1550-1650.

    Some of RX480`s have 256k bios so if you find something 512k it wont work.

    But hey here`s an idea!

    Open modded bios that you wanna use on Polaris Editor then open your Stock Bios also. Copy-Paste everything you need and install your modded bios into your card. Not sayin %100 works but has a highest chance.
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    GPU Z -
    BIOS Editor -
    @Jawbone my system currently draws 400 W ( RX480 MSI (30,4MH/s) (ASIC quality 68%) || rx480 ASUS (26,8MH/s) ( ASIC quality 80,9%% ) || intel cpu core i5 4670 )
    @Sonix I have been trying to get the ASUS card to 30 MH/s but have failed in my attempts thus far. Any recommendations on what i should tweak to achieve my desired hashrate?
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    @skynet Some of Asus cards have something wrong that they cant pass openCL sometimes then force to restart the miners, many people call them as bad cards.

    you can simply start with increasing tdpw to 120-130 and TDC to 110-115 so it sould give you a bit more stability. copy 1750 strap to 2000 to see if its working on 2k with no issue if not then decrease memclock slowly (i usually decreasing them by 24, if its not work lower another 24 again and so)

    you can also try to copy 1500 to 1750 while 2000 stays the same. or all of the above can be changed. Since every card has a unique quality its hard to say other asus card bios gonna work perfectly. Even your second asus card may not handle the same ratios on your other one.

    Basically you know what your cards need. If screen goes full black in a second that means youre giving it too much power on demanding clocks. if screen brakes and freezes, means youre gone too far with overclocking at current power draw. Some Asus cards (eventough they have samsung memo just cant handle 2100 memclock due to their Bioses.

    Best solution is get a pencil and write everything down. Since you can observe every moment of the card, thats the best way to achieve highest optimal rates.

    Last night I got 6x Asus Rog Strix RX480 so i will be playing on them soon. If you find your luck hit me, otherwise i can help you with average rates of my cards so you can play around those numbers.

    PS: I havent seen any Asus Card that hashes at 30 yet.
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    @sonix tried the settings you recommended still unable to increase hash rate. Tell me then how it went for your cards when you have them setup
    tried increasing the memory clockspeed but it started generating lots of memory errors and the hashrate drooped
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    skynet said:

    @sonix tried the settings you recommended still unable to increase hash rate. Tell me then how it went for your cards when you have them setup
    tried increasing the memory clockspeed but it started generating lots of memory errors and the hashrate drooped


    Got 6x Asus Rog Strix Installed.

    2 of them were broken (One has Fan issues other one is hw related.) so they sent back.

    close everything that take control of your grap cards (even fan settings on any app.)

    Open your polaris editor:

    TDP(w) : 130
    TDC(a) : 120
    Max Power Limit : 150 (dont change it if youre solo mining)

    On memo section
    300 - 1000
    and 2100 - 900


    copy 1750 to 2000.

    if its not stable at that way. change gpu mhz (first one supposed to be 300)

    save it rom it then restart.

    after all, open your OC app (i use afterburner)

    Drop your mV to -90
    Power Rate %-15
    Temp can be auto or manually set (usually it wont pass 64C on %30 fan speed.)

    Set all of your core clocks 1150/1160 and your mem clocks to 2040. If it stable push memclock a bit further like 2080 then 2100 then 2110 or so.

    It should be givin you at lease 28.7/29.~ but depends on Asic Quality also.
    All of my cards have +%80.00 Asic quality so they dont require high power consumption and voltage ratios to work stable.

    Try them up so if its not working i can work on it for your cards later on.
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    i bought an ASUS ROG STRIX RX480 OC 8G recently and can not get it to work even with unmodded bios and non OC. When I start claymore miner, it runs for 1-2min, then either Windows screen gets all blue and fans stop or system stops completely. Its really strange. My claymore script looks like:
    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR=0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE=100

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -etha 0 -esm 1 -ewal 0xXXXXX.worker -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp:// -dwal DXXXXXX -dcri 30 [email protected]
    If anyone has input, thx! Temp btw stays always around 55 deg Celsius. I have a 500W Power Supply and a ASUS P5Q Deluxe Mainboard with PCIe x16
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