Bootcamp for serpent to write Dapps / smart contracts

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How might it be possible to organize a week long hackathon where people basically do nothing other than learn how to code in serpent? If something like this is already planned for one of the remaining weeks of this year where is it? If it is not being planned and enough people want to do it how can I make it happen? How much money would it take to bring people at the top of this learning curve together to help the rest of us who know next to nothing?

I don't want some remote online courses where I can learn from the convenience of my home I want an atmosphere of like minded individuals collaborating together in the same physical space. I want an atmosphere of positive stress which comes from being placed into a space where the demand to perform is palpable.

I would consider it reasonable if the learners were in the same physical space but the teachers were teaching remotely so long as at least one full time experienced event organizer was on the ground putting together workshops and leading learning events that taught the key skill sets in modular bite sized sections. It would be worth it to pay 2,000 to 4,000 USD for me to send my lead programmer to such an event.

Its possible that I just didn't look hard enough for such an event and there is a forum post somewhere I missed. If so I'd love the link.




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    We are working hard to try and get Hackathons and workshops up and running all over the globe (see Stephan's latest blog post on the subject here) and we hope to have the number of educational events increase very quickly in the coming months.

    While information on all that is coming very soon, In the mean time you should check out our irc channel on #ethereum-dev or send me your skype handle so I can add you to our 'new meetup channel'.


    Ken Kappler
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    @KenK‌ thanks for the reply. I honestly still don't know how I can get the right resources so I can empower my team to be successful in our endeavor to write a DAO smart contract in serpent. I'm still looking and still trying to consider what my options are. I am enthusiastic and hopeful for the future although I don't see the resources I need as available yet. I don't have any meaningful connections to people who have insight on the Ethereum community dynamic but I will keep looking. Perhaps there will be more information forthcoming or perhaps my team can be of assistance to someone else in exchange for a unique opportunity to learn how to code smart contracts in serpent. If you know of anyone in the community who might be working on this in the future who would like to talk I would very much appreciate being able to connect to them.
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    I actually was wondering the same thing, would really like to understand who else is trying to write serpent contracts and attend some discussions
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    I think I fundamentally misunderstood that Serpent and Python are not that different. I am not sure why my initial understanding was off but since I am not a programmer it took me some time to realize that someone proficient in Python can almost right away start writing serpent code.
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