Mining on PCI-e 1.0 x1

tedytedy Member Posts: 26
This is my second thread here so far and i wandered if I can use my old pc with risers to mine eth since it got 2 pci-e x1 and 1 x16 . The problem is that the ports are version 1.0 or 1.1 as far as i know and i.d like to know if anyone tried this and how it affected the hashrate.

I want to do this for a couple months before i can afford to change my current PC. What should i expect ?

For now got a saphire rx 480 nitro + 4gb modded to 8 and i ordered an additional rx 480 xfx 4gb.
Will the one plugged in the riser go above 50% of the hashrate of the one in the x16 ?


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