MSI R7 370 - How to get the maximum hashrate possible!



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    how much boost this really gives?
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    flanalog said:

    A quick update.

    After a bit more research I realized I completely missed the environment variables! And then on top of that I completely missed trying out local and global work settings..

    So I tried out 256 with 16384 but it was too unstable. Erratic hash rates were reported from the miner.
    But I managed to stable out at 128 and 8192 giving me a hash rate of 88MHs.

    I did all of this with Genoils miner 1.0.7 and it works like a charm. I didnt compare it with qtminer to see if the hash rate was any different. The main advantage I am noticing though is that im not getting any more invalid shares reported at My other rig is still running qtminer and reports invalid shares.

    So now im going to run Genoil on my other rig as well.. if I can just get around this build issue Im having...

    Happy Hashing!

    So you're getting about 14.6 per card?
    Man pls go check your GPU Ram 1st - If Micron - Elpida ones then cant go high Mhs like Samsung or SKhynix ones .
    Do manufactures stick with the same ram type? Does anyone know off the top of their head which manufactures use which ram? Having some trouble with google . . .
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    This Elpida thingie was discussed before, but, apparently, Asus has Elpida, but overclocks the best-very confusing, but i concur re OC Asus.
    see prior discussion here:
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    Biodom said:

    how much boost this really gives?

    If you dont do the power limit increase it throttles the clock speed.
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    great, thanks-will try -p 20 and see what happens
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    bitmaxt said:

    test this in nanopool and tell me..
    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100
    ethminer.exe --farm-recheck 100 -G -F --cl-local-work 32 --cl-global-work 64

    Tried this with an R7 370 at 1150/1500 and got 3.3 MH/s ???
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    MIne zcash with equihasher it can mine up to 3200 h/s
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    Ok. So I know this post is kind of old. but I am just getting into mining and had some msi r7 370s 4gbs laying around so i am starting with those. However, i am currently pulling a little under 12MH from each card. Is it still possible to achieve 17MH with these cards?
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