Two Reference RX480 Cards Dropped MH/s in 1/2 today (from 31 to 16.3 exactly)???

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I would chalk it up to a GPU burning out if it was one, but TWO cutting hashrate to the EXACT (about half) rate at the same time? Something seems off. I've tried stock BIOS, Boysie Low Power, Boysie 31.25 and Boysie 32 ROMS. All result in 16.3 MH/s on TWO reference cards. I haven't looked to see if same brand but I don't think it matters. Anyone have same experience? Anything happen this afternoon that would cause this? Thanks for any feedback. If none, at least if others experienced same thing, we can compare notes. :smile:


  • glenn_txglenn_tx Member Posts: 67
    I was already prepared to share a solution, but unfortunately, only partially. I do my best to make backups of all my workers after significant changes. I restored a backup on one of them and happy to report hashrate is back at normal. I was prepareing this email as I did the same for the other worker, but no go. Still 16.3. Mhz. Myabe it's a combo of the backup and something else. I'll report back if I find out. Clearly this isn't a global issue so sorry to bother you all with personal issues, but just wanted to share.
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    60 C, roughly.
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