Ethereum Launch Event / Party in London?

RichardARichardA Member Posts: 3
Hi just wondered if there will be a launch event or party in London in March sometime? Hope so.

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  • RichardARichardA Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for getting back to me, I look forward coming along if I can. Hopefully the event can be as inclusive and fun as possible. Something that celebrates the hard work that has gone in to building Ethereum and also looks to the future at what will soon be possible. Some inspiring talk and a good bar in a fairly central venue would be great with me.

    With so many great forward thinking and smart people connected to Ethereum I think this will be the type of event that I would like to say I was there for, the exact details of the event will not matter much.
  • maidenlakemaidenlake Member Posts: 44 ✭✭
    How about a distributed Skype event including all the meetup groups and possibly a main location as well?
  • marlboromanmarlboroman Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2017
    Suggest you can organize event during large tech conference, like Techweek, NOAH Conference or TechCrunch. Many people travel to these conferences by work and they can combine it with meetup.
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