Reference XFX RX 480 (8GB w/ Samsung memory)

mrtobinmrtobin Member Posts: 2
Hi all, I've recently purchase a few XFX RX 480s (reference design - 8GB) which turned out to be using Samsung memory. I've been doing some research and found the Boysie's RX480 (REF) BIOS 29MH LOW PWR rom ( which worked fine for all people who tried it. I even found a tutorial for a reference XFX 480 using Boysie's rom I don't speak Portuguese but my understanding is that it's the same card as mine.

Now with stock rom and clock speeds I get the following:

After flashing the Boysie's rom, the hashrate drops to 16Mh/s while the power consumption spikes to 130W :(

I'm wondering if anyone had a similar experience with these reference XFX cards? I've also tried increasing the memory/core frequencies but that either has no effect or just makes the hash rate worse.

Any help would be appreciated!


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