Gpu oil leak

tistis96tistis96 Member Posts: 17
I have a problem with my sapphire nitro+ Rx 480 video card ( ). I don't know if it's something normally but i have an oil (or something like oil) leak between metal backplate and the circuit (PCB).
It has happened to someone this?


  • cabslockcabslock Member Posts: 38
    If you run your fans close to max speed all the time, then they can start leaking some fluid.
  • tistis96tistis96 Member Posts: 17
    It's not from fan, the speed is just 35 - 40%. I don't see fluid on fans, just on the bottom of the video card.
  • cidmocidmo Member Posts: 446 ✭✭✭
    if its got oil comin out of it id prolly return/RMA it
    there shouldnt be oil or even a residue leaking down, somethings not right
    its the only card i hope?
  • tistis96tistis96 Member Posts: 17
    Yes, it's the only card. I have another rx 480 but this is a reference card. With the reference card i don't have any problems but with this nitro i have a lot of problems.
  • BUTUZBUTUZ Member Posts: 139 ✭✭
    Sounds like its oil from the bearings in the fans. There's no where else that oil could possibly come from. If so you'll probably find the oil all over the heatsink too if you take the fans out and check.
  • tistis96tistis96 Member Posts: 17
    edited April 2017

    Yeah, I think you're right. I heard something like coil whine and i ckecked the video card. It had oil on pipes. Now it's on RMA. I hope they will repair my video card.
  • boysieboysie Member Posts: 591 ✭✭✭
    I believe its FLUX, I have 6 470's and the same has happened, 2 have been rma due to post failures which might be related but unsure.
  • EtherealmsEtherealms Member Posts: 60
    boysie said:

    I believe its FLUX, I have 6 470's and the same has happened, 2 have been rma due to post failures which might be related but unsure.

    Could be, i have seen flux leak out of solder that was a year old when it got hot.
  • KoodyKoody Member Posts: 53
    This oil comes from the thermal pad (memory, vrm), all my gpu nitro sapphire models (rx470 / rx480) had an oil leak with a few months of use. I cleaned it once and after 1-2 months it leaked some more oil, i cleaned it again and now it looks like dried up, never leaked oil, i've been using it for more than 8 months without any problems.
    It seems that if you using 24 hours per day the gpu and with high temperature the thermal pad leaks oil in a couple months.
  • kemo6600kemo6600 Member Posts: 62
    I have had over 40 Nitro's leaked, I thought it was heat pipe broken.
    One out of forty won't mine with modded bios after leak, will crash in few minutes.
    All other cards still going strong
    All my cards have been running with temperature under 65c core and less than 75% fan speed, room temperature around 25c
  • SiilaSiila Member Posts: 38
    I have noticed oil leak on 2 rx 470 nitro while temp stable under 60°c, they hash correctly since august.
  • AbracadabraAbracadabra Member Posts: 1
    I have plenty of Sapphires different models and all of them are leaking more or less. It is a silicone actually and it is dielectric but still pain the ass because when it spills on riser socket it starts to loose connection and freezes the rig. Sapphires answer is - it's OK, just wipe it out from time to time, but as soon as I realised this silicone issue I quit buying Sapphires anymore, there are plenty of other brands without annoying silicone pads.
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