When do I profit?

malikmalik Member Posts: 1
Hey community!

I'm Malik and I live in the Netherlands. The evarege vost per Watt ~0,20 euro's. I have got a budget of 25000 euro's that I like to spend on Ethereum mining. How much hashes can I get from this and how long would it take to make profit. I saw some post and youtube video's where there's a rig of 6 GPU's and a custom made box, most likely open-air. I like to get into this, any of you that could answer my question? Thanks a-lot!



  • cabslockcabslock Member Posts: 38
    I think with 25000 euros you can easily get 11-12 mining rigs with 6x480 each. And each rig will hash at about 180MH/s. With current prices and difficulty it would take about 7-8 months to break even. But the price and difficulty are always changing.
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