New In Mining

Aj1mAj1m Member Posts: 4

I found a tutorial in the net and i went through it to start mining, so till now i was able to run the following steps:

1) geth --rpc --fast --cache=1024, this one looks like importing files/blockchaine

2) In different cmd i am running : ethminer : it will create DAG file and then Mining on PoWhash

3) I will open a third one : geth attach : and check (eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase)) showing 0 despite eth.getBlock("latest").number showing 1138487

So can you please explain for me what are doing those steps, and is this enough to make the mining, if yes why I am still having 0 as balance.
also I am not able to see anything with my address here

Thanks In Advance,


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