who can help asus strix gaming 4 gb rx470 low hashrate

tflux99tflux99 Member Posts: 31
hello i have a problem with my asus strix rx470 4 GB in stock mode its only getting 20 Mhs so i tryed the bios mod i grabbed the bios with atiflash then i checked in gpuz wich ram type its elpedia so i copied the 1500 strap in polaris editor and pasted it in 1625, 1750 and 2000 Mhz straps now the card is getting 23,5 mhs but its way of from my nitro+ rx470 with 28-29 mhs withe the same way of edeting the vgabios so who can help and share a solution to get more mhs out of the asus strix

clock speeds are 1260/1650 GPU/MEM

if i try to overclock memory to 1750 system freezes so how to get this to 2000 mhz or 2100 mhz as my sapphire nitro+ rx470 4gb

pls help :)


  • kekekekekekekeke Member Posts: 61
    I have no experience with elpida memory, but are you sure the 1500 strap is the one to use? My hynix card uses 1500 strap and my samsung asus strix uses 1625 strap. If it's correct then it sounds like you're almost there, just fiddle with the settings a little more. I have the same card but with samsung memory running stable at 1150/2025 no undervolt. The asus card i have is way more temperamental than my sapphire card though.
  • TruthchanterTruthchanter Member Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
    I had one card with elpida, and after modding the bios I could only get like 26.5mhs or so stable, nothing higher, so I sold it

    It seems some elpida is just as good as hynix or even samsung maybe but others are awful. You could try the 1625 strap and see if you get anything better and if the mem will clock higher and be stable
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