Can we write a smart contract to crowdfund this synopsis and turn it into a feature movie?

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Can we write a smart contract to crowdfund this synopsis and turn it into a feature movie? PM me in this forum if interested or post in this thread.


California. The sunshine dreamland. The place where dreams come true. Ms. Appleseed is a young cryptopreneur operating out of a garage in Compton. She is successfully writing smart contracts which employs thousands of people across the continent. A typical 2015 success story, Ms. Appleseed seems to have it all. And actually she does. It is not just an illusion. She is health conscious, doesn't smoke or drink and while being an accomplished C++ and Python developer she manages to maintain an active lifestyle and still get things done online.

Then the unforeseen happens. Cossack barbarians invade Los Angeles. You can hardly even go to McDonald's anymore without running into one of those hairy brutes.

Ms. Appleseed does have a kind heart and embraces different languages and cultures. But when the hairy cossacks decide to use her roof as a meeting point and cossack dance venue she gets a bit of a headache.

Fortunately, Tarzan turns up and resolves the situation together with his steadfast companion Cheetah. From out of left field, this stud from the jungle lands on her doorstep and teaches her the secret of communicating with the cossacks. Once you learn their ancient tribal hooga-booga dance you are suddenly treated with lots of respect. After demonstating her newly won dance mastery, Ms. Appleseed and Tarzan befriends the cossacks. She even manages to get them to her hairdresser pal's place and before you know it, the fierce and hairy cossacks are not so hairy anymore. Ms. Appleseed invites them to live in her living room. Tarzan builds a wood hut in the spruce fir in her garden, where he and Cheetah can live. Ms. Appleseed occasionally visits. Everybody is happy.


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