One gpu you gets 29-28 other 25 same settings

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I have just started mining and added bios mod to my graphic cards today and when I went to test it seems that it was only working on one card while while I think I applied it to both I have to the same settings 1250/2075my cards are 2 sapphire rx 480 nitro 8gb


  • mine_ethmine_eth Member Posts: 45
    How bout you take those cards down to 1050/1900, and see what kind a results you get. Also, make sure you undervolt, since your power consumption is too high. And get the 16.9.2 driver
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    I have done what you have said and running at 50-51mh 26 mh and 81 w on gpu 0 and 24.7 mh and 77w on gpu 1
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