GPU and CPU mining at the same time

crazyivancrazyivan Member Posts: 23
Hey everyone,

has anyone been successful in using both GPU and CPU mining. When I open another cmd window and start eth miner separately for both GPU and CPU, CPU one simply crashes. Is it possible to set it up to mine from single instance, cmd window?


  • rpmxrpmx Member Posts: 21
    edited November 2015
    I created a thread on a somewhat related topic a while ago, and a member (swdave) posted a solution that might work in your specific case.
  • ParticusMarkParticusMark Member Posts: 4
    I know this is a really old thread, and I'm sorry for bumping it, but I've been wondering about this as well.

    I'm successfully running my 2 gtx 1080's, but i want to CPU mine with my i7 6700k at the same time. I'm a little unsure if it would be worth it or not, since most of what I've read portrays most people getting less than 1Mh/s from CPU mining.
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