Energy platform using blockchain

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Looking for a little advice on my extremely young, ambitious and arguably naive idea..

I have an idea in which I would love to pursue but I need to find the right locations on extending my knowledge and where to look for this knowledge, any opinions on the idea itself are of course welcome - burn my idea down to the ground if you will! I must know the flaws/big hurdles. Suggestions of type of people to recruit would also be of use..

I'd like to create a platform which promotes people to become prosumers of energy, renewable energy. Enabling people to buy/sell electrons in real time. I want this platform to encourage the adoption of renewables within households and encourage the creation of smart micro grids and all the suppliers of renewable energy systems, smart metres, batteries, ect. From an app, you can monitor your energy trading, this app being on the blockchain network (bringing all the benefits everyone is already aware of). Wrapped around this app would be some sort of artificial intelligence (a loose term I know) but some sort of algorithm, that if the prosumer so wishes, to allow to control their energy trade. For example, predicting future energy consumption within your household, and energy consumption of neighbours, allow energy to be bought and sold at the most efficient times. For example, if you're going on vacation you can sell all your energy to others, earning £££ whilst you're away. This platform would be in connection to the prosumers smart metre and hopefully one day the prosumers household battery (E.g. Tesla Powerwall) should the future bend this way..


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