New Rig PCIe Risers Don't Work

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This is my first build and I decided to go a little bit rogue which may have been a mistake. I got a 7 PCIe card ASUS Prime Z270-A and put it in a Crypto Monster. The MB uses a 64GB M.2 disk I installed along with 8GB RAM, I3-6100 CPU and Windows 10. I know this is a bit overkill for what is needed. I'm using 7 Sapphire Nitro+ 470's and there is room on the MB for one with the other 6 on the risers (hopefully). I can put two GPU's on the MB and they are both recognized by the BIOS no problem but none of the PCIe risers are visible to the BIOS or Windows. My risers are V6 with Sata to 6 pin VGA power connections. I've seen it mention elsewhere where people have shorted pins A1 and B17 to get the MB to recognize the riser but I haven't tried that yet.

I'm not sure what is the most likely issue here, MB, risers, or maybe could be both. Those risers didn't yet have any reviews on Amazon so I thought about trying different ones but I got the VGA ones after reading a lot of discussion here about the molex powered ones possibly getting too hot.

My biggest mistake is probably not to go with exactly what was recommended here but I didn't realize recognizing the PCIe risers would be a big factor in MB selection.


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    its been quite a time ?
    did you find the solution ?
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    I've never been able to get this MB to recognize USB risers. I bought new risers that use a molex connector, bought new USB 3 cables, shorted pins A1 and B17 and nothing worked. I spent some time on the phone with ASUS support but they were useless. I made various BIOS changes primarily to the PCIe configuration based on information I read on other posts. There are 3 PCIeX16 ports so I was able to connect 2 GPUs directly on the MB and one using a 16X ribbon cable. This MB is documented to support 3X Crossfire so running 3 directly from the MB power supply is not an issue. Of course I had to also connect VGA power to each of the 3 GPUs. It is definitely not what I had hoped to accomplish with this MB but I've run out of new things to try.
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    so how much max number of gpu's can it run ?
  • DrawdeDrawde Member Posts: 32
    3 unless someone can figure out how to get the USB risers to work.
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