Balance is still 0 after two days mining on Alpereum?

kodiak1120kodiak1120 Member Posts: 8
edited March 2017 in Pool Discussion
I realize my hash rate is low (average 10 MH/s), but shouldn't my balance be more than 0 after almost 3 days? Shouldn't I get some small percentage of each block? Where is that info shown?


  • toothalicioustoothalicious Member Posts: 37
    @kodiak1120 you can look at any workers address on alpereum and you'll see a balance of 0... the balance stats are not always available on their site in fact most of the time they're not.. rest assured your account is accumulating eth though and you'll only be paid after .20 eth is accumulated.. I thought the same thing when I started mining on alpereum but it's really a good pool and they've paid me over 16 ETH now
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