Storing and then retrieving a file from the blockchain

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Hi all,

High level question... I am looking at a project at the moment where I would like to use a private blockchain to store a file, which could then be retrieved by nodes.

The idea being that the nodes (running Ubuntu) would pull the file either via a web app, calling a Smart Contract (or alternatively by calling a smart contract directly), and then execute the file locally. Is this possible?



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    @pdunne There's a lot of apps out there doing this in various realms. Ethereum's native, incentivised storage layer is called 'Swarm' though there's been a great deal of integration with Ethereum and IPFS, particularly the ERIS project (now Monax)

    Be aware that the Blockchain itself is not intended for any storage beyond the transactions and State variables of the contracts and so is entirely unsuitable to bulk storage.
  • pdunnepdunne Member Posts: 2
    Many thanks for the reply, I'll check out Swarm and IPFS
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