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First off I am not sure I am asking this in the right section.

I am a noob to al this digital currency and I am afraid I have made a mistake

I am using Jaxx as a wallet and I bought some BTC. So far so good.
Then I tried to use shapeshift.io to transfer some of my BTC to ETC.
I followed all the steps giving my ETC address and sending out my BTC to the temp BTC address that was created by shapeshift for this transaction.

After a few hours I still don’t see any ETC in my wallet. The BTC they were gone out of my BTC wallet so I am sure I have made the payment.

When I checked the blockchain i also saw that the payement was succesfull.

But giving it a closer look I saw that I have made a small error.

When transferring my BTC to ETC, I misused the wrong currency. So essentially I have transfert BTC into ETH instead of ETC. And for this transaction I gave my ETC wallet.

So now my ETH are just floating around I guess.

Is there any way I can get my money? Or is it lost forever in the blockchain.

Thanks for any help/advice


  • workwork Member Posts: 2,084 ✭✭✭✭
    You can use the same private key to access funds on either chain. Try myetherwallet.com - load your key, and you'll be able to use funds from both Eth or ETC chains.
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