Third GPU>>Z97 GAMING 5! Can anyone help please??

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unfortunately i cant run the the 3rd GPU on my old Motherboard so i get the MSI Z97 Gaming 5 to solve that problem but WTH? Same Problem as before? I connect the 2 GPUs directly on the Mobo (that works) and then the third one on the first PCIE1x via USB Riser Cable:

USB Riser Cable:

Connecting the 3rd GPU to PCIEx1 will not run the GPU (GPU LED ON, FAN OFF).

Actual Rig:

Wind7 64
MSI Z97 GAMING 5 Intel Celeron 2x 2,8GHZ
8GB Ram
3x ASUS r9 280 3GB
1x Be quiet 700W (power 2 GPU which are directly on Mobo)
1x Be quiet 550 W ( power 1 GPU which is connected via

Anyone had this issue too? How can i fix that? What should i check next. I appreciate every help!
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